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Company Name: Stevia del Condado
Contact Name: Andrés Jimenez
Phone Number: +615612004
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Location: Spain

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Stevia del Condado

Stevia del Condado is created in the year 2013 as a research project in the town of Navas de San Juan, Jaén. Following various market studies and other empirical studies on soil analytics, the results showed a positive propensity to production and profitability.

Stevia del Condado Is integrated in Industria Agroalimentaria del Condado Jaén, S.L. which is a company dedicated to the marketing of Stevia and derivatives , as Aromatic, Teas and Functionals with Stevia, and Natural Stevia Extract. For all this natural products are used, ecological and in some cases wild. Likewise, the main product, the stevia of own culture and produced in ecological regime, has medicinal properties hardly comparable to any other Stevia, not only as a natural sweetener.

Products of stevia

Our company is aimed at customers interested in consuming healthy products without glucose, saccharose, aspartame and erythritol. The products offered do not include gluten, making them perfectly suitable not only for celiacs, but also because of their properties can and should be consumed by diabetics. In addition, these people will be able to find the full range of products offered on the web portal and authorized distributors. We supply products to specialized ecological stores, herbalists, dietetics, nutrition, gourmet, delicatessen , pharmacy , parapharmacy and a restaurants, coffee shops , and hotels, among others .

Some products of this company have been accredited with the seal of Natural Park of Andalusia, who believes that the products come from the natural parks of Andalusia , in a totally wild crop .