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Location: Ireland

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SOMEGA® Mega Easy Omega-3 for Kids

Healthier Kids, Happier Parents!

Omega-3’s are superstar nutrients, supporting our growing kids’ optimal health and well-being. Fish oil supplements can be an excellent source of omega-3 for kids, but wow, can they cause battles too! Kids just don’t like the fishy taste, the annoying burps or the yucky oily mouthfeel.

Tasty Mega Easy Omega-3 for kids helps make it easy peasy for parents to get superstar nutrients into their superstar kids. Goodbye omega battles!

Kid-friendly taste and texture

Mega Easy Omega-3 is a creamy, smoothie-like liquid supplement bursting with delicious, natural peach-mango flavour. No fishy taste, burps or oily mouthfeel.

Easy, fun and versatile

Kids can choose to get their daily intake straight from the spoon or have fun at breakfast-time adding it to smoothies and yogurt or drizzling on porridge or pancakes. As a treat, they can just squirt it on ice-cream!