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Company Name: Semper Tea
Contact Name: Aguasanta Caballero
Phone Number: +34635469770
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Location: Spain

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Tea concepts for your business

Semper Tea is a supplier of high quality organic teas, focussing on hotels, restaurants, cafés and the food industry.

Semper Tea offers traditional as well as modern flavours, presented in unique and attractive design, format and packaging.

Our organic tea lines are customised to the needs of the hospitality and catering industry – from biodegradable pyramid tea bags, individually packaged, to classic tea sachets in single envelopes, we offer complete tea systems that enthuse the most discerning customers.

Stylish tea chests in various formats as well as tea displays guarantee an elegant, attractive and practical presentation for any buffet, hotel room, conference or catering event.

The premium tea with exquisite flavours, the eye catching design and individualised presentation are a stand out for any business within the hospitality industry.